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Linking inspiring stories to actionable resources.

By identifying your desired outcome, ValueActs presents similar and complementary sustainable global initiatives. This allows you to map options, uncover possibilities, and validate decisions.

While we’re building the application, we’ll be sharing the aggregated stories and resources on a web-based database.  Contribute to the database below and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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Growing an intersectional network for resilience building.

Ecologists, engineers, conflict resolution professionals, city planners, and others each have different ideas of what it means to be resilient. At ValueActs, we think it’s important to take an inclusive approach to resilience building and learn from all industries. 

Just like strong, flexible, and versatile Bamboo, we envision an intersectional network that can gracefully adapt to inevitable global shocks.


We host a resilience community on a Discord server and hold weekly Resilience Dialogues.

Trees as Infrastructure

Facilitating greenification projects to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Regenerating green spaces (especially in urban areas) improves biodiversity, stormwater management, quality of life, walkability and mental well-being while reducing air pollution, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, noise levels, and the effects of heat islands. Additionally, trees and green spaces can provide food and vital resources to the community.

In partnership with Value Instrument, we are harnessing the power of a decentralized blockchain platform to facilitate greenification projects that actively make our communities more livable. 

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